How to return your GoPro

I had a defective go pro and I had to return it. And naisipan kong mas mabuting ishare na lang din to sa iba na nahihirapan kung pano ibalik yung mga gopro nila.

White Haven Beach Resort

This is one of the best beaches in Glan, Sarangani provice

Traveling Alone

I was scared. I was unsure. I was doubtful. Yet, I am free and happy.

Do you want an elegant lasting bouquet?

A Classy beaded bouquet for weddings and other occasions intricately handmade for your precious moments. Light and long lasting, personalized souvenir boxes can be made to preserve these special memories. If interested, you can PM me for special or personalized requests or arrangements. or you can also visit our Facebook page:  Creation By KarenKay Don’t let your lovely…

I am afraid

did i made the wrong decision? what will i do now? is following my heart wrong? i’m empty. i’m broke. i’m scared. i’m afraid! these are the negative things that are eating me slowly and slowly. things that are waaaaaay beyond my control. who said leaving your comfort zone is easy? i guess it will never be.

Who is she?

I was having a vacation in one of the private beach resort in my place. there were only few guest that time so you can easily noticed those guest who are in that place.

South Cebu: Canyoneering

Are you up for extreme adventure which includes Cliff jumping, Swimming, Hiking, and Exploring the beauty of nature? Then this is for you! “Canyoneering” or also known as “Canyoning”, is a fast growing tourist destination in Cebu. Everyday, hundred of guest coming from different parts of the globe are longing to experience this extreme adventure. Ika nga nila, “kulang ang Cebu trip mo kung di mo masusubukan to.”

South Cebu: Gentle Giants

Oslob whale shark watching is a fast growing tourist destination in the Southern part of Cebu. Cebu City is starting to grow and to develop and so as a result, traffic is getting heavier so better start travelling as early as possible. Oslob whale shark watching is a 2-3hrs drive form the main city of Cebu so better start travelling before the sun rises.